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China Tools Series

In-depth reviews of China Woodworking Tools! 

Tools from China become better and better lately, but not all China tools are fairytales. That is why I started this "China Tools series". I want to show you which products are worth considering and which products you can better avoid.

Episode 53

Hooked On Wood Coping sled

Episode 52

Hold-Down Clamp & Drill Guide.

Episode 51

Hooked On Wood T-ruler

Episode 49

Most accurate doweling jig.

Episode 48

Router Planer and MFT style clamp.

Episode 47

Miter Gauge Fence and Saw Gauges

Episode 46

Neje Max 4 Laser

Episode 45

Router Fence and Router lift combination

Episode 44

Pocket hole jig

Episode 43

Sharpening tool!

Episode 42

Doweling Jigs

Episode 41

Gweike cloud Co2 laser!

Episode 40

Affordable Miter Gauge and Telescope fence

Episode 39

Most impressive China Tools

Episode 38

3 x Diode laser engravers!

Episode 37

Enjoywood Pocket hole jig.

Episode 36

Router lift!

Episode 35

Hinge Jig, squares, and rulers!

Episode 34

Different clamps!

Episode 33

Rail guide squares!

Episode 32

Neje Laser S Max

Episode 31

Router fence, and spiral bits!

Episode 30

Rail guide clamps, parallel guide sustem!

Episode 29

Hold down clamps!

Episode 28

Amazing edge trimmer!

Episode 27

Best doweling jig!

Episode 26


Episode 25

Clamping squares

Episode 24

Combination squares

Episode 23

Atomstack laser!

Episode 22

Chamer plane, clamps and T-ruler!

Episode 21

Xk2 Pocker hole jig!

Episode 20

5x Rulers!

Episode 19

T-ruler, Caliper, setup blocks!

Episode 18

The best mit

Episode 17

3 x Calipers!

Episode 16

Pocket hole jig, Hinge jig!

Episode 15

Digital level box, corner squares!

Episode 14

Pocket hole jig!

Episode 13

Different products!

Episode 12

Countersink bits!

Episode 11

Miter gauge!

Episode 10

Cabinet drill guide

Episode 9

Dog hole clamps!

Episode 8

Doweling Jig!

Episode 7

Setup square!

Episode 6

Amazing Height gauge!

Episode 5

Angle ruler!

Episode 4


Episode 3

Edge trimmer and cutter, drill depth guage!

Episode 2

Combination square!

Episode 1