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Veiko Quick release Worbench Casters set!

A heavy duty workbench Casters set that you can change in 2 seconds!
Recently I have built some new workbenches. And because I do not plan to move it often, I did not want to place wheels under it. Wheels always give some flex that makes a workbench less stable and rigid.
But of course, you want the flexibility to move your workbench around in your shop, and these Veiko workbench Casters set can be a perfect solution.
This set of 4 heavy-duty casters can lift a workbench of 300 kilos. My Felder workbench is at least 175 kilos, and I can move this reasonably well through my workshop. If it also can lift and move a workbench of 300 kilos, I do not know. I think it is possible, but it will not turn that easily in every direction.
Because the wheels are placed outside of the center, they will not steer as easily in every direction as those in the center. This is mainly due to the structure of these casters, and as such, I think all of the casters who are built this way will have this characteristic.
But I can move my 175-kilogram workbench easily around my shop.
I strongly prefer placing my workbench directly on the ground, and this is by far the most stable solution and a must for a rigid and sturdy workbench. The most significant advantage of these heavy-duty casters is that you can remove them easily from your workbench! This Quick release system works perfectly and in a second.

With a typical workbench, you do not want casters at the sites of your workbench. They are always in the way, and it is just a matter of time before you hurt your feeds against them. And because adding these casters is no hassle, this is a practical solution.
I use these casters on two of my workbenches now, and it is a shame you can not buy some extra quick-release plates because that would spare a set of casters.
These casters are by no means cheap! But considering the weight they can handle and the unique quick-release system that actually works very well, I think they are well worth the money.
Of course, you can also use these casters without the quick-release system, but you lose the feature that makes them unique.
When you have to move your workbench very frequently through your shop, I think I would opt for something other than these kinds of casters. I think I prefer casters under your workbench in that situation! These will maneuver a bit more easily at the cost of some rigidity when you put them on the brakes.
But when you want the possibility of moving your workbench around your shop occasionally and adding it directly to the grounds when in its place. These casters with the quick-release system would be my go-for solution.

Rating 4 stars!